Before You Board


Ianistan’s railroad service has a fare structure based on the number of intermediate stops between your starting and destination points.  The prices inside parentheses are the cost to buy the ticket on board.  For the lower fare, you should buy your ticket at the station!

However, if you are traveling on the Delaware Line, different fares apply for travel to New Jersey.

  • 0-1 stops – $3.00 (4.00)
  • 2-3 stops – $4.25 (5.50)
  • 4-6 stops – $5.50 (7.00)
  • 7-9 stops – $7.00 (8.50)
  • 10-11 stops – $8.25 (9.50)
  • Travel between Ianistan and New Jersey – $7.00 extra

If you were unable to obtain a ticket from the train station directly, you may exchange your conductor’s receipt for a discounted return ticket at another station, provided the receipt is from the same day.

Map and Coverage Area

TheTA’s railroad service services most municipalities around the perimeter of Ianistan, in addition to Woodbark, Brightland, and Abbington.

Rail Map